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Welcome at The Great Pyrenees Connection

Since hundreds of years the Great Pyrenees Dogs served the humans by protecting and defending their flocks and property against wolves, bears and other predators ! Today, in some countries, they are still working as Livestock Guardian Dogs. But the Pyrenean Mountain Dog [as the breeed is called in the UK & Aus. ] is also a deeply loved and admired Companion and Show Dog.

** The Great Pyrenees Pedigree Database - updated March 2016 - 14.960 records on file !!**


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The Great Pyrenees Connection website was first built in 1995 when information about our beloved breed was rare to find on the Internet. It is the aim to connect Pyr people around the world, provide information and knowledge for the Great Pyrenees fancier and offer a collection of resources which may be interesting and usefull for you. Covering the widest aspects of this wonderfull breed.


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